Theo Hayez, Byron Bay: Family GRILL Cop Over Whether Missing Belgian Backpacker Was Alone

The video (pictured), which has been viewed more than 4,600 times, shows the position on a beach in Cornwall where the 3,000-mile-long 'Grace Hopper' cable comes ashore and begins its route inland. Remarkably, it can be accessed from an unprotected manhole under a beach car park, making it an easy target for terrorists or spies. A Mail on Sunday reporter (inset) used the video to locate the cable and discovered that a manhole cover - clearly marked as housing a 'cable' - provides access to the Grace Hopper in the beach car park, which has no barrier and 24-hour access. The revelation comes amid mounting concern over the vulnerability of the fibre-optic undersea lines between America and Europe that carry up to 99 per cent of Britain's internet and phone traffic. Earlier this month, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, head of the UK's armed forces, warned of the threat of Russian submarines severing the crucial

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